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Software-as-a-Service empowers customers to use enterprise-class technology, without the fuss: Always the latest versions, never on a computer they need to maintain. Work with us to transform your business beyond your current hosted offerings to become a money-making SaaS marketplace.

Microsoft makes many of the tools your customers are already using. You can make money by getting those customers to use those tools in the cloud.

The Microsoft® Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) extends use rights to managed service providers for Microsoft cloud infrastructure products, including Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and others; Microsoft application stack technologies, such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Lync; and other Microsoft SaaS technologies.

With SPLA, you can license these technologies on a monthly basis during a three-year agreement term and use them to offer hosted services and applications to your customers.


• Windows Server

• Microsoft SQL Server

• Microsoft System Center

• Microsoft Core Infrastructure Suite



• Microsoft Cloud Platform Suite

• Microsoft Dynamics

... and more


Microsoft SPLA: Cloud Licensing for Essential Products

Citrix CSP: Hosted Desktops for Serious Business

Companies will spend money with you to simplify their desktop management process and reduce their IT expenses.

A leader in hosted workspace technology, Citrix created the Citrix Service Provider (CSP) program as a way of extending its product reach by partnering with hosters like you to make its solutions widely available throughout a rich business-to-business (B2B) channel market. Similar to Microsoft SPLA, Citrix CSP lets you license Citrix products that you can use to create hosted offers to your customers.

Citrix CSP provides access and support for a portfolio of subscription-based technologies including Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS), application hosting, and mobility solutions.


• Citrix XenDesktop

• Citrix XenMobile

• Citrix XenApp


... and more

Look for Microsoft CSP in 2016!

Public cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 are increasing in demand. With this demand comes a huge opportunity for you to offer these services.


HPE SLMS is currently establishing itself as a partner in the Microsoft® 2-Tier Cloud Solution Provider (Microsoft CSP) program. Microsoft CSP will enable you to sell Microsoft public cloud technologies, including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365, to your customers. In addition to offering new revenue opportunities, Microsoft CSP also uses in-product tools and services that enable you to directly manage the customer lifecycle for your Microsoft cloud offerings.


• Microsoft Azure

• Microsoft Office 365

• Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

... and more



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